King Charles III 1p - 20p: Dormouse

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On 12th October 2023, it was all change for UK coinage as our 8 definitive coins (from the 1p to the £2) saw a complete redesign. Not only did this mean that after 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II appearing on our coins, each coin featured a brand new obverse featuring King Charles III, but it also meant brand new reverse designs for each coin. This is the 1p coin and it features a dormouse alongside a design of 3 interconnecting Cs to represent King Charles III. What's more, a special privy mark has been included on each of these 'first strike' coins, featuring a crown on the obverse next to His Majesty’s portrait. These coins will gradually replace our current circulating coinage, although the versions you find in your change won't include the special privy mark, issued for collectors.
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