Seymour Panther

Queen Elizabeth II £5: Seymour Panther

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Following on from the huge popularity of the Queen’s Beasts collection, The Royal Mint issued a new series of coins, celebrating the magnificent Tudor dynasty. Ten heraldic beasts have stood guard, still, and silent on the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace for hundreds of years, representing the royal lineage of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. The very first coin in this exciting series celebrates the King’s marriage to his third wife, signified by the beast known as The Seymour Panther. Designed by David Lawrence the coin’s design shows the panther with flames coming out of its mouth and ears. Known for its intoxicating breath, the Seymour Panther represents the union between the mighty King Henry VIII and his wife, Jane Seymour. The obverse features a design of HM QEII by Jody Clark.
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