The Lion of England  - 2019 reissue

Queen Elizabeth II £5: The Lion of England - 2019 reissue

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This coin was initially issued in 2017 to celebrate the ancestral beasts of heraldry, myth and legend that have watched over Her Majesty the Queen throughout her unprecedented reign, this UK £5 coin was released featuring the Lion of England - a traditional symbol of centuries of Royal British Heraldry. The Lion of England is a traditional symbol of bravery, strength and valour and is one of the earliest animals to appear in royal emblems. The patriotic design by Jody Clark is one of the best in years, harking back to a more traditional style and features the Lion of England which takes a fierce, rampant stance. The obverse features the fifth portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, also designed by Jody Clark. It has been re-issued in 2019 to celebrate England's success in the ICC Cricket World Cup. It was also issued in 2018 to celebrate England's participation in the world cup, meaning there are 3 versions to collect!
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