2019 50th Anniversary of the 50p Coin

Queen Elizabeth II 50p: 2019 50th Anniversary of the 50p Coin

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October 1969 saw the entrance of the 50 New Pence coin into circulation and its revolutionary heptagonal shape was the first of its kind. This anniversary coin pays tribute to the science behind the coin. The reverse features Christopher Ironside’s iconic Britannia design, inscribed with ‘NEW PENCE’, just like the original 1969 coin released prior to decimalization. The letters A to G appear on each point of this coin and are joined by arced crossing lines, which is a 50p minting first. Also new to this coin is a special mint mark- a Spirograph-type design, drawn from an extension of lines forming the 50p shape.
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The coin that’s got it all… a never-before-seen mintmark, a minting first and a 50th anniversary to celebrate!