Battle of Hastings - 2019 reissue

Queen Elizabeth II 50p: Battle of Hastings - 2019 reissue

Circulating mintage:

Commemorative Only

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Coin Information:

The 2019 Battle of Hastings 50p was reissued in 2019 as part of the 50th Anniversary of the 50p Celebrations. The Battle of Hastings was fought on the 14th October 1066 between the French army led by Duke William II and the English army led by King Harold. This day, 950 years ago, King Harold II was defeated by William the Conqueror which led to the collapse of the English army. William was crowned as the first Norman King, a crucial moment in medieval history. This coin was released as a Brilliant Uncirculated commemorative issue in the Military History 50p set and did not enter general circulation.
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