2018 Black Bull of Clarence

Queen Elizabeth II £5: 2018 Black Bull of Clarence

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To celebrate the ten ancestral beasts of heraldry, myth, and legend that have watched over Her Majesty the Queen throughout her unprecedented reign, The Royal Mint issued a Queen's Beasts £5 coin series. The Black Bull of Clarence is one of the most English of the Heraldic Beasts and is a strong symbol of pride and patriotism. It originally came to The Royal Family through the first King of England from the House of York, Edward IV. The reverse design by Jody Clark features the strong Black Bull in a rampant position with the shield displaying the coat of arms of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last native Prince of Wales. The obverse features the fifth portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and has also been designed by Jody Clark.
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