2018 Red Dragon of Wales

Queen Elizabeth II £5: 2018 Red Dragon of Wales

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When Her Majesty The Queen was crowned in 1953, the entrance to Westminster Abbey was guarded by ten fantastical creatures - The Queen's Beasts. The Red Dragon was the symbolic emblem of Owen Tudor, the grandfather of King Henry VII. Dragons are associated with strength, wisdom, and power, and are one of the most popular mythical beasts. In 2017 The Royal Mint announced that they would be issuing a new £5 coin collection called The Queen’s Beasts. The collection will eventually include ten £5 coins, each representing the ten guard beast sculptures which were at the entrance to Westminster Abbey during Her Majesty the Queen’s coronation in 1953. This 2018 £5 is the highly anticipated third release in this series, and features a design of the fierce Red Dragon of Wales, by well-known designer Jody Clark.
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